5 Things To Keep In Mind When Registering Your Trademark

When you finalize on a brand name, logo, or any other thing that will become the identity of your business, then you should trademark it in order to ensure that you alone have the full right to use it. Else, others might use your identity and make money off your reputation. Now, if you are planning on trademarking your identity, then you must keep the following tips in mind.

Do A Trademark Search

You should always do a trademark search before moving onto the registration process. There is a good chance that the name or logo you want is already taken. As such, if you decide to do an online trademark filing without a proper search, then you may end up having the application rejected because of a similarity with an existing trademark. This will mean that you will again have to spend time modifying the logo, sending the application, and waiting for the approval. You can avoid such wastage of time if you conduct a trademark search to verify the uniqueness of your trademark.

Do Not Use Nouns

You should never use a noun as a trademark. In fact, if you apply to trademark a noun, you will only be wasting your time since you will be rejected. For example, if you sell leather shoes, then you can’t trademark the word ‘shoes’ or ‘leather shoes’. This is because many people already sell these items, and as such no single person can be given the right to use these terms exclusively. What you can do is use these nouns together with a unique name that identifies your business. For example, you can name the business as Vyshakh’s Leather Shoes or Nagpur Leather Shoes etc.

Get The Class Right

Trademark is offered to products and services which are grouped into 48 classes. While a name can be registered with one class, the same name can also be registered for other classes. For example, a name like Xvolt can be registered under the ‘chemicals’ class. As such, no one else will be able to register the name Xvolt for ‘chemicals’ ever again. However, anyone can register the name Xvolt for other product classes like fuels, cosmetics, and so on.

Don’t Pluralize

Avoid using any pluralizing terms in your trademark name since they are very likely to be rejected. For example, a trademark application for a name like Eagle Computers is likely to be accepted if its uniqueness if proved. However, an application with the name Eagles Computers will mostly be rejected.

Time Is Of Essence

Register your trademark as early as possible. The more you wait, the more likely it is that others might pick it up. This is especially true in industries like software, online services, and so on. For example, you may think of registering a name like GoodAccounts. But there will be thousands of other people with business ideas similar to yours, thinking of the exact name. As such, it is better for you to immediately take steps to trademark the identity once you finalize them.

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