5 Reasons to Use Cloud Based Learning to Educate Your Employees

Cloud based platforms provide businesses with an amazing amount of flexibility as well as mobility. For those reasons alone, it can make good sense to take advantage of services like these. The fact that cloud based learning can help simplify management while reducing overall costs are bonuses. But your employees will love how they are able to learn anywhere anytime without the burden of a large IT staff and expensive, cumbersome equipment.

Cloud based learning has taken off in terms of popularity over the last few years and is expected to continue rising at a rate of 20 percent annually for the next few years, according to one study.

Compared with traditional learning platforms, that tended to be fixed and primarily based on software that was sourced from a single content provider, that required costly updates, maintenance, as well as a veritable network of other types of supporting technology, clous based learning systems are unbelievably streamlined and dynamic.

Learn remotely

With the cloud, employees can access learning via any mobile device with an internet connection. This means that they can learn at their convenience or even while travelling for business to anywhere in the world. They can also return to the material at a later time if they ever have a question or feel they need a refresher.

Easy to implement

Traditional learning platforms can take a significant amount of time to launch and once they come online, they are slow to be updated. The cloud makes learning entirely flexible. As courses or training materials are completed, they can be placed in the cloud and added to or updated as needed. The maintenance is completely worry free, as any problems will be immediately dealt with by the cloud staff rather than your own in house IT staff. In short, no one has to experience an interruption to their learning experience.

Training that is tailored according to need

You may not need to have every one of your employees go through the same type of training. Some may need more or less, or additional types of training. With cloud based systems, none of that poses a problem. From the very general to the very specialized, you have complete control and the ability to customize every learning experience.

Ease of learning

When you place your learning systems in the cloud, you simplify the entire learning process all the way around — for your company and for your employees. Essentially having an abundance of valuable information at your employees’ fingertips will guarantee that your work force is the most well trained and knowledgeable in the industry. This translates to greater productivity, increased efficiency, and maximum job satisfaction for your employees.

On the leading edge of technology

Unlike older software based learning systems, cloud based systems are kept up to date at all times. Any new advances in technology can easily be taken advantage of without requiring a complete overhaul of the system. There is virtually no loss of productivity or down time.

Cost effective

When it comes to matters of cost, cloud based learning wins hands down over traditional training. Your company doesn’t have to hire several trainers to come in at a significant cost, you don’t have to pay to print up a mountain of materials or coordinate all the varying employee schedules. Instead, there is only the need for a single set of training materials that are housed entirely on the cloud. No printing costs, no scheduling costs, no speaking fees. Simplicity at its finest.

Simone Smith

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