5 Reasons to Study Online for your English Exam

If you are like us, you do everything that can be done online, online! You hate queues, crowds and waiting for things that can be accomplished easily sitting in the comfort of your home, online.

In countries like Australia and India, English coaching for exams like IELTS and PTE has traditionally been a big market, dominated by coaching centres in each and every major city. But all of this has changed in the recent years with the emergence of players like Sure Way English and PTE which provide courses for exams such as PTE Academic entirely online.

If the money and time that you save is not a big enough motivation for you to study online, we have got 5 more reasons to prepare for your next PTE or IELTS exam on the Internet.

1. Made just for you

The coaching centers don’t really care for you! The PTE coaching program will follow a set curriculum and pattern, irrespective of your individual needs. Unless you can spend thousands of dollars on a high quality personal tutor, the instruction that you receive in a coaching center is targeted on the lowest common denominator. In contrast, a course like Sure Way English gives you the freedom to study and practice in your own way and on your own pace.

2. No personal life upheaval

Most people who attend a coaching center have to make adjustments to their daily life. They will either leave work early or skip work entirely. Some students take days off from university to prepare for this exam. But if you are studying online, you can make the course fit in your life, not the other way round. You can study in your lunch break, while commuting or when you suddenly get up in the night and cannot go to bed again. As long as you are disciplined and value your time, your online course will fit in.

3. Study with the same technology as the exam

Most coaching centers sill hand out printouts and give you unauthorized copies of Pearson books as their study notes! But the world has moved on. An exam like PTE Academic will be entirely online and therefore you better study online. Courses like Sure Way English PTE Academic, give you the same tools. Using the same interface day in day out while preparing will make you proficient by the time you take the exam. No score for using pen and paper.

4. Real experienced teachers

An online provider does not have to spend on coaching center rents. Therefore, they can spend the money where it makes the difference. That is on hiring the best teachers. The real experienced IELTS and PTE teachers demand to be paid well. But most coaching centers in cities like Melbourne hire fresh graduates or out of work people at minimum wages. No doubt their commitment is questionable, as is their experience. You don’t want to trust your future in the hands of such people. That is why if you want real quality teaching go online.

5. It’s lot more fun

Online courses are lot more fun than sitting in a coaching class and going to sleep. Of course, if you like sleeping more than anything else, it is an entirely different thing. The online interface and tools provided in it give you instant feedback, ability to replay as many times as you want till you understand a concept fully and all of this makes it much more fun. Companies like Sure Way English and Pearson spend a lot on making their online software user friendly and interactive. You need to check it out to believe how different it can be from a coaching center experience.

Guess, you now have sufficient reasons to give an online course a try! Especially for English language exams such as PTE Academic, these online courses are the only preferred option.

StarterPad Staff

One of the lovely StarterPad staff members has toiled away into the wee hours of the night to write this amazing piece of literature :)