5 Reasons QASymphony Has Its Landing Page Game on Lockdown

When it comes to driving leads and revenue from your website, few tactics are more likely to give your business a serious boost than a well-crafted landing page. But for many companies, figuring out how to build a landing page that will generate real results is often easier said than done.

Fortunately, there are plenty of great landing pages on the Web that can serve as a guidepost of sorts, helping you on your way to landing page success. Today, we’ll take a look at five ways that QASymphony’s landing page (click here to see it) crushes it by producing a high volume of leads and millions of dollars in revenue:

1) High-Quality Imagery

The importance of high-quality imagery in digital media is well documented, and is especially relevant for a landing page. In fact, studies have found that two-thirds of consumers consider “the quality of a product image” to be a “very important” part of their buying decision. Consequently, if you use low-quality imagery on your landing page, many visitors will fail to convert.

While SaaS products are typically not sexy from an imagery perspective, QASymphony worked around this by producing crisp imagery that showcases the product UI, highlights key benefits and is well-placed on the page.

Not only does the quality of these images create a good first impression with site visitors, it also showcases the various sections of the UI and goes a step further to depict specific sections of the product that are key features and benefits. This allows potential prospects and website visitors to get a better understanding of what using the software will be like before requesting a demo or starting a trial.

2) Strategically Placed Calls to Action (CTAs)

As important as it is to have clear, actionable CTAs to produce results from your landing pages, the strategic placement, size and color of your CTAs can have an even bigger impact on lead generation and conversion performance.

This is where QASymphony’s landing page has crushed it, thanks in large part to the inclusion of large, prominent CTAs, persuasive writing (ie SEE HOW) and clever scrolling navigation that keeps two main CTAs front and center as visitors scroll the page.


The CTA buttons on QA Symphony’s landing page are large, prominent, brightly colored, and as a result, they stand out when scrolling through the landing page. Better yet, strategically placing a bottom-page CTA that facilitates continued page visits and time on site helps ensure visitors stay engaged for more time to convert.

By providing your site visitors with repeated, obvious opportunities to start their free trial (or take other desired actions), you exponentially increase your chances for generating leads and sales from your website.

3) Strong Overview of Vital Information

When someone clicks through to your landing page, they’re not interested in navigating their way through more sales jargon to figure out how your product or service could benefit them. They want the facts, and they don’t want to look hard to get them.

Because of this, the best landing pages don’t waste time with flowery language. They get right to the point with a clear, direct presentation of what their product is and how it will benefit the consumer.

QASymphony does this immediately below the fold of its landing page, providing UI shots that speak to ‘pain points’ prospects have and sections that highlight a list of product features. Immediately following them, an overview of how these features have benefitted other companies is extremely beneficial, as well.


The content on the landing page isn’t overly wordy or salesy. Rather, it delivers everything a potential lead would want to know in easily digestible bullet points and short headlines so visitors can quickly understand how their software can benefit their business or solve their problems.

4) Valuable Links

Often, the idea of linking away from your main landing page can be frowned upon—and for debatably good reasons. The last thing you need is for a visitor to wander away from your landing page content and get caught up in materials that won’t guide them to convert.

QASymphony takes a different approach, linking out to several places across their landing page. It’s clear that these are links with a purpose and are strategically placed across the page to help guide visitors to more in-depth information and to further on-site behavior.

Not only do these links provide access to deeper information on common topics of concern, but each of the links acts as an additional landing page, helping with on-page SEO by accounting for the best internal linking strategies.

While landing page links can lower conversions when not strategically placed, in this case, they serve as another resource to strengthen the pitch for those who need a little more convincing.

5) Top-Notch Testimonials

Testimonials can be challenging to get, mostly because getting a few minutes of someone’s time can be difficult and often companies are legally not allowed to provide testimonials. But collecting well-written testimonials from paid customers can lend huge credibility to your sales pitch and help persuade landing page visitors who are still on the fence with converting.

QASymphony uses both client testimonials and third-party reviews to their advantage on their landing pages.


Using third-party reviews helps to increase credibility and social validity over a regular testimonial from another reputable website that only exists to provide product reviews. QASymphony strategically designed these review blocks to sit within a relevant benefit/feature section, using review stars along with a customer picture to help draw more attention to the review.

Bottom line, you’ll build greater trust when using testimonials on landing pages which will help to increase conversions.


While every landing page should be unique, making use of the strategies that are exemplified by QASymphony can greatly improve the effectiveness of your own landing page. As you fine-tune your imagery, CTAs, below-the-fold information and testimonials, you’ll see improved performance in site analytics, conversions and lead generation.

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