5 Digital Marketing Strategies That Work for a Start-up

Successful marketing is now mostly on digital like everything else in starting and running a business. There are various digital marketing techniques but which of them are going to be best suited to a brand-new start up business? Here are some tried and tested digital marketing strategies that will help you get your start-up noticed.

Social Media Marketing

Don’t underestimate the power of social media for your start up business. You must choose the right social media platform, then create a good social media marketing strategy. Find out which platform your potential customers use and focus on this. For example, if you are marketing a Physical Therapy website, then you need to research which platform your customers use. Doing social media marketing right will lead to an increase in sales, improve your search ranking and generates new leads. Personalise your business on social media and let your customers know who you really are.

Email newsletters

Using email to market to customers is something new brands forget about. As long as you are using email addresses of customers who have agreed to receive information you are all set to send out newsletters or engaging emails. You should make your emails eye catching, easy ti read and catchy, engaging, and talk about the benefits you’re going to offer. The reason for the email should be clear and break up the text with picture and a visible, bold call to action. If you do it right it can be a really good tool to generate link clicks to your website that leads to sales. Especially when offers and promotions are involved.

Search Engine Optimisation

If you are just starting up, then you need to work for those website visits and google ranking. If your website ranks highly in search engine results, then it gives a positive impression that you are a trustworthy brand. Choose the right keywords to suit your website and make this strong impression of what your brand represents.

Influencer Marketing

When you are new to starting your business, you might not be able to get big influencers to work with you, but you can find good influencers nonetheless. Influencer marketing is less expensive than other paid strategies and the spread by word of mouth increases trust and confidence in your brand. As long as your influencer is authentic, this kind of marketing is a great way to get your brand known.

Pay per click advertising

With pay per click advertising as long as you have a good ad to show, you can reach the right customers at the right time. It is also affordable as you only pay when an interested person clicks on the ad. This means you can control how much you spend but it can be an expensive way to advertise overall. Set a budget and stick to it, devising a campaign that generates more conversions than clicks. Analysing your data and insights from this kind of strategy will also to help with your other marketing strategies.

Are you just beginning to market your start-up?

Beginning your business can be hard work and getting the word out there can be tough. You need a good marketing strategy but if you follow the advice above, you should be well on your way to increasing your traffic and driving your business forward.

StarterPad Staff

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