4 Tips To Ensure Your Website Is User Friendly

If your website isn’t user friendly, you could be losing business in huge quantities. Whether you offer an online service or an offline one, many people will head to your site before deciding whether they want to buy from you or not. This means that everything has to be ready for them, and it’s not just about making sure that you have all of the information that they need available. It’s also a case of making sure that they can use your website with no problems. Here are four things to look out for.

Keep it Simple

If people can’t work out how to use your website, they’ll head off to a competitor’s site instead. Make sure that your navigation system is simple and that your user interface is laid out in a way that makes sense. Rely on intuitive navigation rather than putting in something that is overly complicated such as large drop down menus with multiple subcategories. This will allow visitors to browse your website without any problems, and will encourage them to stick around for longer.

Go Mobile

If your website doesn’t look good on mobile devices, or isn’t usable, you will be seriously shooting yourself in the foot. Having a responsive site or a mobile version is hugely important these days because such a large percentage of website visits come from smart phones and tablets. Don’t alienate a huge chunk of your potential customers by making it impossible for them to use your site.

Know Your Audience

It’s really important to tune your website to your audience. For example, let’s say that you have a business in the medical field, where a large percentage of visitors to your site are going to be older people. They will need options to make the font larger, and the colour scheme will need to be clear, with an easy navigation system. You might be best off hiring a specialist company like The Gaswerx to get things attuned properly to a medical audience, so that there are no problems.

Test it Out

Don’t just put your website live after you think it’s done – test it out first. You can enlist people you know, such as friends and family, to help out. If they are in your target audience, that’s perfect. They should be able to browse around the website easily finding the information they need in as few clicks as possible, and if they don’t, you need to go back to the drawing board. You can also submit your site for professional website testing, in which potential users will take a look and see what could be changed and what works. This is the best way to be absolutely sure that everything works as it should.

If your website doesn’t have a simple navigation system, isn’t usable on phones, and isn’t tuned in to your particular audience, then you could have a serious problem on your hands. Make sure that you follow these tips to see your website improve vastly, and even increase in SEO rankings, as a result of your work.

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