3 Digital Marketing Tips for Startups

Getting a startup on its feet is an exhilarating feeling. It, however, doesn’t end there- one needs to increase their reach and here’s where marketing come in. If you want to remain relevant in this fast-paced global economy, then you need to have a digital marketing strategy in place. Why?

It is the information age, and the reality is there’s already a ton of messaging that your audience has to seize through on a daily basis. Imagine you’re a company offering vertical siding; now picture how many businesses providing the same are online. How then do you as a startup rise above the noise? You have to work smart to give your brand name visibility. Once you tap into tap into your target audience attention, you’ll note just how quickly your numbers start increasing. Here’s how you plug into the digital space:


It’s near impossible to rank highly in search engines without SEOs. Consider hiring a professional or acquiring an SEO solution that sheds light on what keywords and other attributes lead people to your website and social platforms. With this data, you’ll be able to optimize your pages. With a full understanding of the requirements, you’ll be better equipped to create content that will, as a byproduct, increase brand visibility.

Creative Content

Your content needs to be bold and unique if your brand is to stand out. Take time to generate a robust content marketing strategy that captures your brand essence. A basic rule in sharing content is that, apart from being engaging, it needs to be useful. Apply the 80/20 rule. A majority of your content should be anything but selling your product, reserve that for the 20 percent. This rule should apply to all your social platforms. Using a roofing services company as an example, they should mostly provide roofing tips and only run promotions once in a while.

Once you’ve chalked down your content strategy and implemented it, you’ll begin to note an organic rise in engagement across your platforms. As this happens, your search engine rankings will start to rise, making it easier for a potential customer to find your niche product. Keep in mind that most people first do an online search for a brand before initiating contact.

User Experience

Google changed one of their ranking rules; if your social pages can’t be accessed with ease across multiple devices, then you won’t rank highly despite how great your content is. It is essential that you optimize your pages, especially your website, to suit these requirements. Pages that take too long to load lose potential customers. Ensure that the interface is friendly and that they can navigate with ease.

User experience also refers to how your audience gets to engage with your brand, values, and products to build a lasting relationship. Both retention and increase of traffic require that you offer them what they like and that needs a bit of research. Find out their tastes and preferences are and act accordingly.

StarterPad Staff

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