10 Best Tools for KPI Monitoring from Friday CRM to Smartsheet

KPI’s at times might sound like boring old reports that really don’t have any other purpose but in reality they aim to give us insights that we can’t really find anywhere else. The KPI is a best source to quickly have a look at your business’s performance and then on the same time predict what you’re going to have in the foreseeable future.

KPI gives you a perfect knowledge of all the measures you need to take in order to prevent a damage and also in order to boom. There are plenty of tools out there in the market that directly aim to give the best to your business and those tools are exactly what we’re going to give a run down on in our top 10 tools for KPI monitoring list.

10. Infocaptor

Infocaptor is a velociraptor! That rhymes. But it is fast just like that. You get the analytics and the visualization of that data in no time. It also has a very powerful dashboard that will give you the perfect glimpse in no time whatsoever and on the same time it makes sure that the security is being provided to this data.

9. Time Tracker Friday CRM

Free software to manage employee time. Predictably good reviews. User-friendly interface.  A variety of opportunities for analytics. FridayCRM Applicable to any business. The cloud format provides access from anywhere in the world. Data security is guaranteed by reliable servers and anti-hacking programs.

8. DataBox

DataBox on the other hand gives you a dashboard that can be shown to anyone and they will just simply understand the way they give the reports is very interactive and their mobile app is designed perfectly as well. This tool also allows you to setup goals and track improvement.

7. DataZen

DataZen is rather a tool from the future. The way it divides the information in different screens makes it very easy to use. It has the ability to work on a very large data and give in depth analysis by linking multiple dashboards on the same time.

6. Bilbeo

Bilbeo gives you a power punch deal with smart alerts that tell you if something’s not right. It also gives you a flawless algorithm and also reports that can be made on your will. You can make as many dashboards as possible and also can collaborate the data here and there. There is no setup required.

5. Smartsheet

Trusted by tons of the users around the globe this tool is going to help you collaborate and share from any team member. Also that feature in which you get the update of pending tasks is a star. Once you see its visual stats you can tell the story in one line.

4. SimpleKPI

As the name already suggests, SimpleKPI will give you a very flexible dashboard that can be made into any shape for your convenience. The KPI given here is streamlined to perfect form and the way you can customize them is amazing.

3. Tableau

Tableau is one of those software that are going to be used on a bigger level. The tool is made in a way that is going to have tons of data get up and running in a matter of minutes. It also refreshes your data so that you stay up to date all the time.

2. InetSoft

Another one of the professional software around that ae going to give you the reports in a snap with their beautifully embedded dash boarding feature. The way software works is very high performance and the way it boasts the infrastructure, only attracts more users.

1. Datapine

What is special about Datapine is the way it lets you see everything in just one place. How you manage them is because of the advanced analytics and the option of having custom formulas. The dashboards are made to keep you working all day long if needed.

0. Scoro

Last but not least comes Scoro that is a one in all weapon. It is going to help you manage work, look into money flowing and also make reports from it. Scoro has tons of widgets that make the tasks easy and all of this is done in just one place.

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