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What is a Fixed Term Investment

A fixed term investment, also known as a fixed term deposit, is when you put your money into an account, long or short term, and you cannot touch the money for a determined amount of time.  Because your money is ‘locked away’, your interest rate is generally higher but it is also fixed.  It is not going to go up and it is not going to go down.  This means your fixed term investment is a safe investment.  Even if the interest rates dip, your investment will keep growing.

There are several kinds of fixed term investment accounts available and you would need to sit with your banker, or financial investor, and choose the account that is suitable for you. Read More

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Grow your Business with Life Chat Support

Live chat support is necessary for every single business. Customers prefer it and thereby demand it. Because of its simplicity and immediacy, live chat support is beautiful and attractive. Customers can get their issues resolved quickly. Sometimes with in a couple of minutes.

People are impatient, more than ever before in history. That’s a fact. You can’t fight it. Therefore, you need to embrace it and solve the problem, and that’s where live chat support comes into the picture.

So, How do you make the most of live chat? it’s a powerful tool with plenty of opportunities for growth. You need to avoid these mistakes and make quick improvements. Read More

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How Content can Revolutionize your Online Business

If you run an online business, then it’s likely that you’ll already know just how popular content is as a way of driving engagement. YouTubers upload 300 hours of video every single minute. for example, while everyone is now a business-critical content generator thanks to the worlds of TripAdvisor, Yelp and more.

Online businesses need to react to this change in the way that content is produced – but with so many options available, it’s often the case that online entrepreneurs suffer from “decision paralysis” and don’t know which route to go down. For that reason, here’s a breakdown of just why certain types of content can change your business for the better. Read More

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Finding The Time To Meditate Regularly

We always seem to be in a rush nowadays. So how can we find spare time to meditate? There are so many other things competing for our time. We always seem to be in a rush. Food and coffee on the go, speaking on the cell phone while doing other things. Typing away at the computer whilst working with a colleague on the phone.

So how on earth can we devote even 15 or 20 minutes a day to simply meditate? Read More

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2 Steps To Stay On Track

Are your goals set? Are you all geared up to get started on them? Have you established some way to support your goals? What will ensure that you actually stay on your desired path?

It is easy to get off path. It is easy to get all wrapped up in everyday life. You know what I mean? I know, I have been off track many times. When do you set goals and establish ways to get where you want to go? how do you stay on track? Read More

To Do List

To Do or Not to Do! That is the Question

Do you think Jullius Caesar worried Marcus Brutus kept a task list? Perhaps he should have!

So how do you manage your task list? WHAT … you don’t have one? Better start one today! One of the biggest challenges we have in our fast paced world is we are bombarded with information. So much so, it makes it increasingly difficult to remember everything we need to. How much could a missed commitment to a valued client cost you? Read More

Ray Dalio’s Endless Pursuit of Excellence

Ray Dalio released his book Principles last year. He is the seventeen billion dollars founder of Bridgewater Associates. I’ve compiled a list of lessons that I learned from Ray:

Test your assumptions with real data

Build a financial model and see how it fares out against 100 years of market data. If it does well, then there is a good chance that it’ll do well in the future. Always build models and use data to test any assumptions. Gut feeling is not enough. Believability test everything, that’s how you win.

Build simple models

The economy is defined by a line of productivity as well as small and large cycles. That economic model explains every boom and bust in history. Simple, isn’t it. Build models that simplify your life. That’s my key to understanding the quirks of life.

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5 Ways Lighting Can Update Your Home

Architectural lighting design can change the form and function of a space. Lighting can change a pool hall into a nightclub, or a sports arena into a rock concert. Light has a powerful effect on perception and draws attention — whether intended or not.  

Your living space requires constant maintenance and updates to function well for your family. The furniture, lights, and artwork give it character and transitions it from a house into a home.

Creative and efficient lighting design adds functionality and beauty for the people who live there. Lighting transforms modest spaces into stunning artwork displays and defines the functional flow of an awkward space.

Light can change what people see and create a new reality in your home.

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10 Debt Management Tips To Improve Your Financial Situation

Having a healthy financial portfolio means that you have no debts to repay and even if you have some, they are well managed. Debt management is a humongous task as even a small slip can run you in big financial troubles. Therefore, you have to be careful at all stages and also ensure that things are under control while you try to get rid of your loans. While being your own debt manager is a good idea, you should not ignore the need for professional health considering the importance of keeping your financial portfolio under tight control. There are some tried and tested measures that you can take to ensure that you never get too uncomfortable with your loans and debts. Let us check out 10 debt management tips that you should follow to improve your financial situation, irrespective of how much you owe.

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