6 Reasons Why a Work-Life Balance is Important

We often hear the wisdom that it’s important to strike a healthy work-life balance, but what exactly does that mean, and why is it so vital? As we become more connected, it sometimes feels like there’s a greater pressure to keep working. Work emails can be sent to your personal phone, while key performance metrics can be accessed online, meaning it’s possible to be almost ever-present. Yet taking time out from your profession and dedicating some effort to the things you love should also be high on your agenda. Separating your time in this manner is the definition of a work-life balance, and as we’ll see below, having a proper balance can bring some benefits. Read More

Simple Ways to Save When Renovating Your Home

Deciding to renovate your home may seem exciting, but it can easily go awry. A miscalculation on your part may engender a plethora of problems you’re not prepared to handle. Moreover, there’s always the possibility of being hoodwinked by your contractor or going beyond your budget. Hence, to ensure that the renovation would turn out well, you need to be well-prepared. This means you should know the right way to do it. Here are some simple tips that could help you avoid the usual pitfalls accompanying home renovation while saving on your expenses: Read More

Amazing Tech Advancements in the Medical Industry

The future of healthcare is here, and new technology is leading the way to advancements in this vital field. New developments from the digital health startup community offer the ability to cure major diseases, change personalized healthcare, and revolutionize the way doctors operate within this industry.

As new technologies emerge, it’s exciting to see how they reshape the world’s idea of modern medicine and care. Here are five amazing tech advancements in the medical industry today. Read More

independent contractors

Five Reasons Why Your Startup Should Hire Independent Contractors

There are a lot of big decisions you have to make when you get your startup off the ground. One of the biggest is who you’re going to turn to when you need help.

Without thinking, many startups assume hiring employees is the way to go. It’s true that full- and part-time employees have a few benefits, but it’s important to know that isn’t your only option.

As a matter of fact, many startups find that independent contractors are much better than traditional employees! Here’s why. Read More

Investment calculator

What is a Fixed Term Investment

A fixed term investment, also known as a fixed term deposit, is when you put your money into an account, long or short term, and you cannot touch the money for a determined amount of time.  Because your money is ‘locked away’, your interest rate is generally higher but it is also fixed.  It is not going to go up and it is not going to go down.  This means your fixed term investment is a safe investment.  Even if the interest rates dip, your investment will keep growing.

There are several kinds of fixed term investment accounts available and you would need to sit with your banker, or financial investor, and choose the account that is suitable for you. Read More

Two Girls Using Live Chat Support

Grow your Business with Life Chat Support

Live chat support is necessary for every single business. Customers prefer it and thereby demand it. Because of its simplicity and immediacy, live chat support is beautiful and attractive. Customers can get their issues resolved quickly. Sometimes with in a couple of minutes.

People are impatient, more than ever before in history. That’s a fact. You can’t fight it. Therefore, you need to embrace it and solve the problem, and that’s where live chat support comes into the picture.

So, How do you make the most of live chat? it’s a powerful tool with plenty of opportunities for growth. You need to avoid these mistakes and make quick improvements. Read More

Three business people working with laptop at office

How Content can Revolutionize your Online Business

If you run an online business, then it’s likely that you’ll already know just how popular content is as a way of driving engagement. YouTubers upload 300 hours of video every single minute. for example, while everyone is now a business-critical content generator thanks to the worlds of TripAdvisor, Yelp and more.

Online businesses need to react to this change in the way that content is produced – but with so many options available, it’s often the case that online entrepreneurs suffer from “decision paralysis” and don’t know which route to go down. For that reason, here’s a breakdown of just why certain types of content can change your business for the better. Read More

indoor meditation

Finding The Time To Meditate Regularly

We always seem to be in a rush nowadays. So how can we find spare time to meditate? There are so many other things competing for our time. We always seem to be in a rush. Food and coffee on the go, speaking on the cell phone while doing other things. Typing away at the computer whilst working with a colleague on the phone.

So how on earth can we devote even 15 or 20 minutes a day to simply meditate? Read More

To Do List

To Do or Not to Do! That is the Question

Do you run around with a to do list of hundreds of tasks, striking each one off once it’s done? or are you the kind that just wings it. Taking life easy and just dealing with what is served when it’s served. There are some pros and cons to having a to do list and we’ll try to see both sides.

Organizing your life can help you find more time to do the things you love. Once you’ve completed your tasks, you won’t feel guilt about spending time out having fun.

Completing tasks releases endorphins into the body giving you a rush while you achieve small wins along the way to that audacious goal.

Keeping a list helps you prioritize what’s important. If it’s not important for your goals then push it down the list. Read More